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JP Seafood Cuisine & Catering is a Multicultural Caribbean catering company that serves the South Florida market. The company offers one of best Multicultural & Caribbean catering services in Miami. JP Seafood Cuisine & Catering will be proud to serve fresh, delicious seafood and Caribbean dishes at every event or occasion. 

JP Seafood Cuisine & Catering menu will feature a variety of multicultural dishes, such as the famous Haitian pâtés, banana peze -Fried Plantain, Konsonmen -Haitian Soup. Some other dishes like fish, rice, beans, shrimp, lambi (stewed conch), Red Snapper and Pâté is a delightful handmade flaky pastry filled with seasoned ground chicken, beef or cod fish. . JP Seafood Cuisine & Catering will also have fresh vegetables to order such as spinach, carrots, celery and green peppers along with a variety of seafood such as, shrimps, crabs, fish, conch and more.

Bringing the islands right to your event, with quality, taste and most importantly culture inspired.
The atmosphere will be filled with island music and displays. It will be a fast-paced environment at every event. It will be highly maintenance to keep a good clean environment reputation to consumers.  

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