JP Seafood's Menu

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Take a glimpse of some of the many dishes offered at JP Seafood Cuisine & Catering

1 fish fillet
Onion rings
With spicy coleslaw

Spaghetti with shrimp, meat, crab

Coconut shrimp
French fries
Home made sauce

Fried fish
Friedd plantion
Cabbage, vegetables

Grilled fish
Rice, plantion, French fries

Fried conch
French fries, plantion

Conch feed
Home made sauce

Fish boiled
Rice, vegetables
Boiled plantion
Maccuroni and cheese

Fried oka

Vegetables fish soup

Potatoes shrimp

1 whole fish grilled
5 conch
Seasonal french fries
3 shrimps
Onion rings with spicy coleslaw

Fish sandwich
French fries or onion rings

Fried calamari
French fries or onion rings
With tartars sauce or ranch


Conch salad

Egg sandwich

Vegetables egg with grits, toast bread 

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